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The Jewish Youth Resources Web-site, developed for The Pedagogic Center of the Jewish Agency aims to be a clearinghouse of youth related information. Included in our site are links to a vast array of information of use to parents, teachers, youth group leaders and providers of both formal and informal educational programs. Existing useful information has been organized and cataloged with a brief description. Interesting and valuable websites will be highlighted weekly and reviewed. The reviews will be archived to produce a database of information regarding beneficial websites.

The site will have links to English, Hebrew, Spanish and other websites in a variety of languages from around the world. Each site is checked to ensure it is appropriate to be viewed by Jewish youth.

The Youth Resources site includes forums and chat rooms (free format and moderated) where youth can come to communicate with others from other countries on a wide variety pre- programmed topics or topics of their choosing. These rooms can be used both individually or in educational settings. Additionally, space will be given to Jewish youth to create their own web pages.

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