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Free Online Virus Scan -
AVG Anti-Virus Free - AVG at
Spyware Removal - Microsoft Windows Defender
VNC Remote Access Agent/Viewer - or you can download the viewer directly: VNCviewer.exe
Belarc Advisor - Download Belarc - The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and system configuration
Remote Desktop Connection Tools:
-Windows XP Remote Desktop software - MSRDPCLI.EXE
-Remote Desktop Client 1.0.3 for Mac  - RDC103EN.hqx / RDC103EN.bin
-If you encounter errors involving RDP licensing download and run the following script: DelTSLic.vbs *[When prompted, please select Open, Run, and/or Allow]
WinSock Repair Tool - Softpedia Secure Download (US)
Dell Computer Check - Dell PC Checkup
Check if your Dell is under warranty - Dell Warranty Check
Daylight Savings Time Adjustment Information - Click Here

*Please note that these tools are provided as is, with no guarantees as to their effectiveness or potential conflicts with existing software or tools.  Please feel free to use these tools at your own risk or when instructed by a member of the Berman Group staff.
For additional info or questions on how to use these tools contact us at: