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The Berman Consulting Group is a professional services and technology consulting firm with an experienced staff, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for working with our clients.  




Providing legal, medical, financial and other professional fields with the technology resources they need to best service their clients.

Providing schools and educational institutions with our specialized experience and understanding of educational technology.

Providing international, national and regional organizations with assistance in fundraising, grants and management as well as Internet and Intranet communication.


We provide optimal solutions to today’s critical technology needs.  We have been recognized for over a quarter of a century for our pioneering technological solutions tailored to meet the demands of our diverse customer base.

Program and Project Management

 Productivity Analysis and Enhancement

 Technologies Budgeting

 Product Research and Evaluation

 Purchasing Recommendations

 Application Development

 Staff Training



System Design and Implementation

 Technical Architecture

 System Design

 Systems Integration

 Network Infrastructure Planning

 Cable Installation

 CCTV and Security Systems

 Phone, Voicemail and Data Systems



Computer Setup and Support

 Computer Setup and Configuration

 Peripheral Installation

 Computer System Maintenance

 Hardware Upgrades

 Software Installation

 Virus, Adware & Spyware Removal

 System Upgrades and Updates

 Live Helpdesk and Remote Assistance

 Remote Diagnosis and Repair

 Backup Implementation and Management



Website Design, Email, Hosting & Management

 Internet Communications Management

 Spam Detection and Prevention

 Firewall and Content Filtering

 Email Virus Inspection and Protection



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