Program and Project Management

When maintaining or investing in IT systems, every business and organization faces various challenges involving system analysis, budgeting, product selection or development and, of course, training. The Berman Group is here to work with you through the process and assist every step of the way.

System Design and Implementation

Whether building systems from the ground up or expanding an existing infrastructure, our group’s experience can help make any project a success. With our highly skilled contractors, the Berman Group is ready to plan, build and develop computer and server based networks, wiring frameworks, PBX, Voice-over-IP and Closed Circuit TV security systems.

Computer Setup and Support

For over 25 years our group has been working with computer systems, server and network architechtures, and internet connectivity controls. We are intent on providing our clients with a hassle-free, safe and secure computer experience. Utilizing the latest techniques and implementing the right hardware and software, we can improve performance while preventing malicious intrusions. With the right mix of proactive, preventative and follow-through support, we continue providing our clients with an enhanced user experience.

Website Development & Management

The Berman Consulting Group provides a wide array of web services including graphic design, web and application development, as well as website and email hosting. Moreover, we offer content management system integration and various online marketing options including social media and search engine optimization. Working with our designers and web developers, along with our project managers and marketing specialists, makes getting online and increasing your web-presence simple and fun.